Tropical Fish Tank For Visual Stimulation and Home Decor

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Another new product in our line of Light Up Aquariums. This time, we’ve put life like Tropical fish in the tank! The fish tank comes in a new, sturdier case than its predecessors and the square casing makes it less space consuming  and easier to fit into a bookshelf or on tightly packed desk.

The visual effects and the stimulation these Fish Tanks provide is already well known and cherished among many. Gliding through a light show of 6 colours (with the option of staying still on 1 colour), this fish tank captivates and relaxes it’s viewers. The fish are specially designed to move around in a natural and realistic way. Carefully designed air-pumps push air into the water causing the fish to swim around in a life like way. The LED lights ensure a long life and low power consumption, though there is an automatic shut off after 4 hours to help maintain the good condition of the lights.

Suitable for use in the home, at work or in a Dark Den or Sensory Room!



·         Mesmerizing Moving fluorescent fish

·         Lights Up and shifts between various Colours

·         LED Lights for less power consumption with multiple settings & phases

·         Sturdy case for better protection and nicer fit.

·         Near silent motors

·         Powered by UK Mains Plug


Size: 24 / 9.5 / 28 cm.

Colour: Black / Transparent

Power Source: Mains

Usage: Sensory Stimulation and Home Decor

Material: Plastic/Glass

Weight: Approx: 2 kg.